• Steel Structure Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Residential Building
  • Industrial Building, and
  • Warehouse
  • CME work (BTS Construction Project)

You can choose many of our customized steel structure building designs which are required for your buildings. We are servicing technically for your building to be a hard structure with engineers and skilled workers. The best part about steel structure building is they are virtually maintenance-free and are built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.

Our company Authorized Builders and Building Project Management Team can recommend the flawless building for your requirements. Whenever you need a building for a modest or an enormous office complex for a Fortune many company, our proficient engineers can serve your necessities.

A pre-fabricated steel building from our company can advocate the quality of the fabric which are needed for your building. Whether your design requires a choice of aesthetic finishes (like combining steel with wood frame, brick, log, rock, or paint finishes, etc.) or functional design features like special doors, windows, cupolas, insulations; your Authorized our company is ready to help you every step of the way.

Our company executes to setting the highest standards for service and performance in the construction building. Whether you need industrial building for livestock, equipment repair or any other industrial use you can depend on us. Designed with clear span interiors from 30′ to 300′ you will be able to maximize the use of your building without having to worry about any posts or interior obstructions.

A pre-engineered steel warehouse buildings are meet or exceed our strict metal building quality specifications. Warehouse buildings are fully customizable with a variety of ceiling lights, windows, insulation, doors and more. Building lengths and widths are unlimited to accommodate any warehousing need our company has helped many businesses build pre-engineering steel warehouse buildings at up to 60% below the cost of conventional building construction.

Capabilities of Tower Construction Team

  • Our tower team is formed by talented local people from legal background, telecom engineers, QC experts and Certified Erectors.
  • Tower Construction team is lead by Our Chief Engineer, with fellow young, energetic engineers, where site acquisition team use its decent skills for necessary documents and legal process.
  • We provide necessary service from site acquisition, CME work (BTS Construction Project), Tower erection service, Logistics & Warehouse, Power Application and Installation.
  • With a very promising and efficient team, SMG provide timely service to run your projects without pressure.
  • Our experienced Engineers will provide reliable work with relatively cost effective ways.
  • ( We can guarantee low cost variation orders than the other local companies)